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Want to blow your guests away, give them something they haven’t seen before?  Our Airstream Photobooth will do just that. It’s a wow factor you won’t find with any other photobooth.

And photography too. We’ll capture wedding with an inspired blend of photojournalism and modern portraiture. You’re going to love your photos! We have great packages when booking the Airstream with our Wedding Photography services.

Vintage Airstream Photobooth

Vintage Class & Group Shots!

Our Bluesteel Airstream Photoboth takes great photos that we can customize any way you like! It’s also is an amazing set piece that your guests will love to see and use as a backdrop for their own photos.  It shines, looks awesome with lights, and reflects everything around it, giving your reception a visual centerpiece.

Most Photobooths fit a couple of people, maybe four at most, but with the Bluesteel Airstream Photobooth, you can max out your shot with groups as large as 15, well, actually, we had 18 inside at once (but who’s counting!).

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We’re Mobile & Love to Travel

Estate Weddings, Winery Weddings, Beach Weddings, Barn-rural settings are all perfects for the Airstream Photobooth.  We can also slide it just outside most indoor venues.

Sonrisa Wedding Photography

Hire Sonrisa Photography and The Bluesteel Airstream Photobooth

Not only are we proud parents of the Bluesteel Airstream Photobooth, but we are Sonrisa Photography, home of Sonrisa Weddings, wonderful wedding photographers on the Central Coast. We have great packages for wedding photography combine with the Bluesteel Airstream Photobooth.

Complete the experience with Sonrisa Wedding Photography.

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